Superman is the best!

I don’t understand the Batman fans, the Spiderman followers, or more recently the Iron Man lovers. Superman could whup all their butts with his eyes closed (I know they were in separate comics, but just go with it). Not even the Hulk stands a chance against Superman. Of course, my husband would not be happy if he knew that I said that. His favorite character is The Incredible Hulk. He likes how he goes crazy and seemingly nothing stands in his way.

You know why I like Superman? He flies. He is faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive. Did I mention that I never read a comic? Oh, and I didn’t watch any of the Louis and Clark series growing up. I also was not a Smallville fan (is that show even on anymore?). You want to really know why I liked Superman while I was growing up? He is a big, strong man with black hair and blue eyes, and what can I say? I’ve always found that attractive. All my close friends knew that –  just like I knew that one of my friends really liked lean, tall, dirty blonde guys. Before you check us off as shallow people, please understand that we had other things that were requirements in the boys we liked.

We literally wrote out a list of requirements for our future husbands. Is that weird? Some of my requirements were: A strong Christian – No anger problems – Able to treat me as a FRIEND as well as a wife – among other things. I’m trying to remember some of my friend’s requirements. I think she said: A strong Christian – A virgin – Able to make me laugh, and I’m sure there were more.  We wrote out a list of requirements, and then we wrote out a list of what we just liked. I think mine was two pages long (I can’t find it right now).

You want to hear some of the things I liked but weren’t requirements: black curly hair, blue eyes, likes sports (I have no idea why I put this down because nobody in my family watches sports), and not materialistic.

You want to know something? I would have married my husband if he was in the body of a slug and hated sports. Instead, God gave me a big, strong man with black curly hair, blue eyes, who LOVES sports, who is not materialistic, and also fulfills all my requirements! He’s my Superman!

I know this sounds like a confusing message, but what I’m trying to say is we have God-given traits that we are attracted to in the opposite sex. That’s okay! “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” As you delight in the Lord, he changes your unholy desires too, but that’s another message for another time. Today what I’m just saying is that God cared about what I found desirable. Would I love my husband if his hair fell out and his eyes turned orange? Of course – I love him more everyday, and that has nothing to do with his physical appearance. However, I believe that God gave me those silly (kind of shallow) desires so that I would be more attracted to my future husband before we were married.

Hmm, I’m curious if my husband likens me to the Hulk . . .

Did you ever write out a list of requirements for a future spouse? Did God fulfill one of your desires that you could have lived without, but God gave you anyway?

(Oh, and my friend will be celebrating her five year anniversary this year to a man who fulfilled all of her requirements AND has the very tall, lean, dirty blonde traits that she always found attractive.)

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3 Responses to Superman

  1. Adam's Eve says:

    I must admit I cracked up laughing when you wrote, “Would I love my husband if his hair fell out and his eyes turned orange?” And no, I don’t think you’re strange for writing out a list of requirements. I wrote out a list of qualities I was looking for in a future husband. I got pretty nearly close to everything on that list (minus cook and musician, but I think I was stretching for the moon on that one). I actually think it’s quite healthy for girls to make lists of qualities they desire in a future spouse. Solomon wrote out a whole list of qualities for a virtuous wife – why not do the same for a husband? It helps you understand what you’re looking for but also is a growing experience. My lists looked very different at 13 than they did at 19 and even 21.

  2. Blush says:

    Haha – thanks Adam’s Eve,
    I think writing a list is a good idea too. Oh, and I asked my husband if he thought I was like the Hulk at all, and before I even finished my sentence, he gave an emphatic, “NO.” I was like, “Not even a little bit?” He said, “No Blush – not at all,” and we both had a good laugh about it. I guess that’s a good thing. I probably wouldn’t want to resemble a big, green, angry monster, lol.

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