May 23rd 2010 was the best day of my life! A wonderful man put a ring on my finger and pledged his love for me in the sight of God, family and friends, and I pledged my love for him as well.

This experience has truly put stars in my eyes and an inspiration in my mind, and I am pleased to start my business of getting a Love Glass into the bedrooms of all the married couples I meet, but let me back up, “What is a Love Glass?” I heard you ask.

A Love Glass is money-saving technique specifically for married couples. Every time the married couple makes love, one dollar is to be deposited into the glass. The money is continually saved until the couple is ready to use it on a special anniversary of their choosing.  For example, you might want to see the Grand Canyon for your five year anniversary. The money from your Love Glass can be used for just such an occasion.

Blogging is a new world for me, but I wanted to talk about marriage topics while discussing the fun of filling up our Love Glasses. I am super excited to hear your comments about the different posts on this site.

The Love Glasses are made from a sturdy, thick glass. Each Love Glass is beautifully designed with either intricate etching, Swarovski Elements, and/or sweet ribbons wrapped around. Lovely cork stoppers are specially fitted to secure the top of the glass. Each Love Glass is handmade and special care is taken to make every one unique. My Love Glasses will soon be available for purchase!

E-mail me at with any inquiries.