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How He Loves Us

John Mark McMillan wrote a beautiful song called, “How He Loves Us” about the Love that God has for us, and I wanted to share it with you all today. This is Kim Walker from the band Jesus Culture singing it. Remember … Continue reading

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Superman is the best! I don’t understand the Batman fans, the Spiderman followers, or more recently the Iron Man lovers. Superman could whup all their butts with his eyes closed (I know they were in separate comics, but just go … Continue reading

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Hello Friends, I have a very serious and grave question to ask you today. What in the world are you supposed to do with balloons? You know – the ones that you get as a present? Personally, I love balloons. … Continue reading

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Big Flirt

Flirt – to act amorously without serious intentions ( I am a big fan of flirting with my husband. We love to laugh and play, and we’re newly weds so flirting is still kinda natural for us. We shouldn’t ever … Continue reading

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Young Love

For my unmarried, younger friends who feel they might be in love . . . A few days ago, I mentioned that I was reading through my diaries with my husband, and they were super funny. My husband and I were hooting … Continue reading

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Gotta Dolla?

A while back, a friend of mine noticed my Love Glass in my room and said, “Blush, I expected a lot more dollar bills in there by now.” She was serious. I was very suprised. I thought we had plenty … Continue reading

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Night Shift

Good morning everybody – I’m going straight to bed. I work at a hospital where the nurses either do permanent nights or they rotate day shift and night shift. I’m a rotator, and I just worked last night. I also … Continue reading

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