Pets Interrupting Sex

I am one of those people who turns red at everything. It can be ultra annoying and very embarrasing. I’m very glad that you guys can’t see my face through this computer now, because it is in full blush today. I really cannot believe I’m going to post this, but here it goes . . .

A while back, a girl that I worked with asked me a hilarious question that (I hope) some of us married folk can relate to. She asked me if I made my cat leave the room when my husband and I had sex. This topic is so funny because, the animals don’t have any idea what is going on. This coworker went on to discuss her annoyance with her dog while she was having sex. Apparently her dog would try to get in on the action, seeing it as some kind of fun-rough housing time!

To answer her question: no. We never made our cat, Pickles, leave the room. My husband always jokes that Pickles is a “big pervert” because she watches us.  Other times, we think she’s just disgusted by us, but it’s like a car accident that she just can’t look away from. Pickles doesn’t (usually) interupt us or anything, so she doesn’t get kicked out of the bedroom. However, it is totally different for our dog, Tootsie.

I’ve posted before about my doggy. We love her, and yes – I know some people think it is weird, but she sleeps in bed with us. When we first got Tootsie, if we started to get busy in bed, Tootsie would just position herself in the corner (we have a big king bed) or hop off the bed leaving us alone, but as time went on, she doesn’t take well to being excluded from the fun. Needless to say, she has now been sentenced to the crate for any planned love making, but for the unplanned, well, Tootsie is a little dense in the head. Let’s just say it takes her a while to get the idea that we are BUSY. I’ve heard that using a spray water bottle might work, but my dog happens to love water. The whole situation makes for some hilarious stories that only my husband and I know.

Do you have pets that need to be removed from the area when you’re making love?

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