Big Flirt

Flirt – to act amorously without serious intentions (

I am a big fan of flirting with my husband. We love to laugh and play, and we’re newly weds so flirting is still kinda natural for us. We shouldn’t ever forget about it. Let’s face it, flirting with your spouse is super hot.

Let’s take a look at that definition again: “Flirt – to act amorously without serious intentions.” I know that this definition is talking about “serious intentions” of a relationship, but give me a little artistic license here 🙂 I think couples have trouble with flirting once they have been married for a while because they “act amorously” WITH “serious intentions” of getting busy in the bedroom (There is nothing wrong with this – all our love glasses could use an extra dollar today!), but we tend to forget all about flirting. You remember flirting? Before we were married, I used to hold onto my husband’s keys, and he would have to “fight” me for them. It’s hard to keep that same kind of playfulness in marriage, but flirting is important. In marriage it is a little different because you do have more freedom in exactly how you flirt, but you should try it out today. I’m having so much trouble trying to think of examples of flirting in marriage that are appropriate or that I feel comfortable typing out, but instead I’m just going to say – be typeably (I am aware that I made that word up) inappropriate while flirting with your spouse.

I probably should have done some kind of research or seen what other married couples say on this topic before posting this, but instead, I’ll open up the discussion for that. Talk to me. Do you flirt with your spouse?

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1 Response to Big Flirt

  1. Adam's Eve says:

    My husband and I flirt all the time. We tease each other playfully. We kiss as often as we can get. I held onto things of my husband’s too when we were dating. It’s actually pretty hard to make my husband laugh. But he did say that I’m the only one who makes him laugh the most. Today we were being quite playful over dinner since he only had 15 minutes before heading to work tonight. It was nice to hear him laugh especially since he’s getting over being sick and he’s been so stressed lately. I think it’s perfectly healthy to flirt with your spouse. Kudos to you for still doing it!

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