Gotta Dolla?

A while back, a friend of mine noticed my Love Glass in my room and said, “Blush, I expected a lot more dollar bills in there by now.” She was serious. I was very suprised. I thought we had plenty of money in there, and I got all defensive saying, “Ya, but did you see all the change at the bottom. Sometimes we don’t have bills on us, and we use change . . . Also, the idea didn’t come to me until eight months after I was married. Oh, and we forgot a couple of times to put a dollar in, and so there are some fives to make up for it – see the fives . . . ?” By this point, my (unmarried) friend was chuckling and seemed uninterested in the subject all together. Later, I was thinking about why I got defensive and why her initial reaction was to compare my Love Glass to what she thought was “normal.” Here’s what I came up with.

First of all, it’s in our human nature to compare, and we can’t control other people’s perceptions. My friend didn’t mean anything by it. She was only making an honest observation. She expected more dollar bills.

Second of all, I can help my reaction. At first, I thought that my Love Glass was too empty when my friend made her observation, but I know quite well that our Love Glass has a fine amount of volume. Our Love Glass is something that I’m proud of, and while I keep it in the privacy of our bed room, it’s something I love to look at. Our Love Glass was not meant to be compared with other people’s Love Glasses. It is not some kind of measurement of marital success. It’s a symbol of our love and intimacy, and watching it grow is exciting. We haven’t decided on using it for our 5 year or 10 year anniversary or quite how we’re going to use it yet, but that doesn’t keep us from saving up!

My favorite phrase: Gotta Dolla? (Got a dollar? – interpreted for the slang impaired)

Keep a dollar handy to use for your Love Glass! May God bless you and your home 🙂

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