Night Shift

Good morning everybody – I’m going straight to bed.

I work at a hospital where the nurses either do permanent nights or they rotate day shift and night shift. I’m a rotator, and I just worked last night. I also go in tonight again.

I don’t prefer nights for a couple of reasons. One, I turn into a vampire. There is something about a long run of night shift that makes me feel like I’m part of a different society – sleeping during the day and awake at night. It’s a society of darkness, and after drawing people’s blood in the wee hours of the morning, I’m pretty sure my skin will sparkle if I ever dared to brave the sunlight (please pardon the Twilight reference – I know not what I do).

The second, more pressing reason that I don’t like night shift is that I miss my husband. I know – I know – I know “Oh, Blush, you’re such a newly wed. One day you’ll be REJOICING for these breaks from your husband.” This is what I’m told by older married folk everywhere. They say that it’s not your actual love for him decreasing. I’ll just get tired of having him around all the time. I certainly don’t feel that way now, though. When I leave for work, my husband hasn’t come home from his job, and when I get home after a night shift, he has already left for work. It can be a real drag if I work three days in a row like this. We completely miss each other. We hate it. On a positive note, it makes us more eager to see each other when we are home at the same time. It probably makes our times together that much more special, but all of that positivity is just me trying to be positive. Right now, I just miss my husband, and I can’t think about the specialness of when I will get to see him Tuesday night. I wanted to see him today. I know – I sound like a bratty kid. I probably just need a good nap. Have a great day and remember to treat your spouse with extra loving since you get to see them today 🙂 (Wow – I’m such a spoiled little urchin. I told you I needed a nap! Good night.)

Do you have conflicting schedules sometimes? Do you enjoy the short separation or do you dislike it?  Do you think it is healthy for spouses to be separate once in a while?

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5 Responses to Night Shift

  1. Adam's Eve says:

    I hear ya, sister! Don’t be embarrassed about missing your husband. Whether you’re married 5 months or 50 years, missing your husband is healthy. My husband works 12-hr night shifts 3-4 nights a week meaning he sleeps a lot during the day and he’s gone at night when I want to be sleeping. I have trouble sleeping often without him and lately my days and nights have been turned all around. I miss him, but I do enjoy getting some time to myself, especially when the rest of the house is quiet. I do think it is healthy for spouses to get some time apart from each other. Even if two has become one, you are still an individual person. It is good for a wife to have outside interests, work, and activities separate from her husband in moderation of course. I find it actually makes me value the time we do spend together even more so – as the moments are precious and few.

  2. Blush says:

    Thanks for sharing since you know what I’m talking about. It’s two full days (tues & wed) that I haven’t even seen my hubby. I’ll see him tonight when he gets home from work, though 🙂 It’s true that the time together is more valued with the absence, but it still stinks.

  3. Adam's Eve says:

    Yes it does. It hurts too sometimes. But I find running to my Lord God is always comforting!

  4. Blush says:

    You are right about that! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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