Shut up and Pray

The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux is one of my favorite books. I like fiction books. My husband likes to read autobiographies and other history type books, but neither of us read non-fiction “self-help” style books, until now. He is reading “The Power of a Praying Husband” while I read “The Power of a Praying Wife.” It’s taking us a while to get through them since neither of us particularly enjoys this style of book, but we’ve found them insightful. I would like to share an idea that the author, Stormie Omartian, brings up a bunch of times in “The Power of a Praying Wife.” It’s such a great idea, and I thought it deserved to be mentioned to all you married folk out there.

“Shut up and pray.”

When there is a disagreement, each side feels like they need to explain, re-explain, explain with an illustration, argue while pointing at the illustration, and then push the illustration up to the spouse’s nose because they are obviously blind if they still disagree.  Stormie explains that instead of our first reaction being an argument, we should “shut up and pray.” She is not just saying we should do this about the “big arguments” (buying a house, where to send the kids to school), but we should do this about the “little things” too. For example, she brings up a time in chapter 11 of her book when she was trying to get her husband to exercise. She would plead with him for the sake of his health, but it didn’t work. She decided to use her own “shut up and pray” advice. Months later, God moved on her husband’s heart, and he started exercising without any encouragement from her! She has many other testimonies similar when she started to “shut up and pray,” and I can’t wait to share with you some of my testimonies as I start to do this myself! It seems fitting that we should end this post with a prayer.

Lord, I lift up (husband/wife) and our marriage. I want to honor you by being peaceful and loving in our marriage instead of pushy or argumentative. I pray that you would move on my (husband’s/wife’s) heart, and that I would trust you. Also, move on my heart that I would care more about your will than my own adgenda. Teach me to “shut up and pray” as my first reaction to conflict. Please, teach me to really listen to my (husband’s/wife’s) side as well.  If I must say something, give me sweet words that would resolve conflict rather than stir it up. I thank you for (husband/wife), and although we disagree sometimes, I know you will lead us through it and bind us stronger together than we ever were before. I love you, Lord. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

PS – I highly recommend these books by Stormie Omartian – The Power of a Praying Wife and The Power of a Praying Husband.

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2 Responses to Shut up and Pray

  1. My wife and I read these books. They’re very insightful and helpful. I would recommend them as well. Thanks for posting your thoughts.

  2. Blush says:

    After I posted this, I realized that I highly recommended “The Power of a Praying Husband” – a book I have not even read! Kinda funny – thank you for authorizing the book as somebody who actually read it 🙂

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