Tootsie’s world

A common saying in this house used to be “It’s Pickles’ world.” Pickles is our cat, and she would walk on whom she wanted to at any hour of the night. She would stand directly in front of the TV during a movie or sit on the book you’re trying to read. You couldn’t tell her to do otherwise, because she doesn’t understand rules. It was her world, and she was queen . . . “was” is the key word here. Then, we got Tootsie.

Tootsie is our rescue puppy who grew up to be a dog. At 60lbs, she’s not gigantic, but she’s much bigger than Pickles who isn’t 10lbs. Now, we say, “It’s Tootsie’s world.” She’ll jump right up next to you on the couch and lick you in the face even if you beg her to stop. She’ll try to sit on your lap even though she’s just too big. She believes that any food you’re eating is eventually meant for her too, and she patiently waits until you give her a piece. If we put Tootsie outside while other people are inside, she has a whining and crying fest, because she hates being separated. After all, it is HER world.

With our pets, it’s all in jest, but we have used the saying to describe people we know. You know those people too – the ones that believe the whole world revolves around them with no concept of other people’s needs or feelings. It’s the boss who berates you in front of your coworkers and the car that cut you off and then slammed on their brakes nearly causing an accident. It could be a family member or friend who cries to get their way or guilts you into submission with other tactics. There is no trying to reason with such a person, “It’s their world.” My husband and I have/are learning to deal with this type of person by trying to just shrug them off as ruler of their universe and moving on. The most important thing is what happens in our house. We try to always think of the other person. My husband never should say, “It’s my wife’s world,” and in turn I shouldn’t have to say, “It’s my husband’s world.” We both try to outdo each other in love, but it is important that no one person’s needs are considered superior to the other person’s needs. There is no demanding or ordering around. Mutual respect and consideration is very important in a marriage. If I want to go out with my friends after work, I should not call my husband saying, “I’m going to see so and so after work. I’ll be home around eleven.” That’s a world that revolves around me, and we don’t function that way. Instead I call and say, “I wanted to go see so and so after work. Is that ok or did you have any plans?” That’s how it works in our house. After all, how could the world revolve around either of us when we both know that in reality, “It’s Tootsie’s world.”

Philippians 2:3-4 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.   Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. 

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2 Responses to Tootsie’s world

  1. nightlake says:

    nice post.. About pets, I think they are similar to small children, right? They want to monopolise your attention and are envious of others who hold your attention 🙂
    The ‘give and take’ policy between spouses sounds good:)

  2. Blush says:

    Very true. We don’t have any children, but if one of our pets does something that annoys us or tries our patience, we joke that the dog or cat is just preparing us for children, lol. Also, Pickles and Tootsie do get envious if we are showing attention to one and not the other.

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